Thomas Baustert
Thomas Baustert
Freelancing Software Developer
Mainly Ruby/Rails and the web

I'm Thomas Baustert, a freelancing software developer, located in Hamburg, Germany. I'm in the IT business since 1992, strongly influenced by Extreme Programming (XP) and driven by the 4 rules of simple design.

Over the last decade I mainly worked with Ruby/Rails and the web.

You can trust in me because I care about your project, your team, your code and your company. Due to my technical excellence and my personal attitude I'm a valuable part in every team and project.

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Extract of work since 1992.

Ruby/Rails Projects

  • Carl Schröter GmbH: Ruby on Rails Developer/Administrator
    Since 2005 til today development and hosting of three web application in the area of transport insurance.
    Fullservice: Consulting, development (Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript), hosting, coordination of external service provider.
  • "wer liefert was?" GmbH: / May 2017 - now
    Supporting backend team developing
  • Wacku: Ruby Developer / July 2016 - April 2017
    Building a private community system based on event sourcing.
    Ruby , Redis, Elasticsearch, CQRS, GraphQL, Docker Cloud.
  • Kekulee / May 2016 - July 2016
    Supporting backend team developing
  • XING AG / July 2015 - December 2015
    Senior Ruby Developer
    Payment & Billing Team
  • Audible Web GmbH ( / February 2013 - July 2014
    Senior Ruby Developer
    Portfolio for journalism (Rails/Elasticsearch)
  • tolingo GmbH / March 2012 - July 2012
    Senior Ruby Developer/Team Coach
    Relaunch Shop
  • XING AG / Mai 2008 - September 2009
    Senior Ruby Developer
    Rails Architecture Team, project Company Profiles and Best Offers
  • AFC Auto Fleet Control GmbH (on behalf of Hays) / 2007
    Code Review
  • Kathrin Hohberg / 2006-2009
    CMS for managing photographs
  • Bellybutton International GmbH / 2006-2007
    Relaunch Online-Shop, development of CMS and CRM

Java Projects

  • VZ Netzwerke Ltd / February 2011 - October 2011
    Senior Java Developer/Team Lead
    Refactoring activity stream / Project Events
  • eSailors IT Solutions GmbH / August 2010 - December 2010
    Senior Java Developer
    Project Dunning
  • Vattenfall Europe / January 2006 - March 2016
    Senior Java Developer
    STO2 (NDA)
  • comdirect bank AG / 2005
    Java Developer / Java Architect
    Teaser Service, architecture evaluation (u.a. EJB, Spring)
  • comdirect bank AG / 2003-2005
    Java Architect
    Responsible for inhouse Java middletier framework
  • comdirect bank AG / 2002-2003
    Java Team Lead
    Order tools for asset managers

C/C++ Projects

  • ArtCom GmbH / 1998-2000
    C Entwickler
    Developing a PostScript interpreter
  • Röders GmbH / 1992-1997
    C/C++ Entwickler
    Control software for high speed milling machines


  • Ruby on Rails trainings for Versicherungskammer Bayern, Sparkasse Hildesheim AutoScout24, XING AG, FourInOne.


  • Book author of Rapid Webdevelopment mit Ruby on Rails, Hanser Verlag.
  • Fotos auf Schienen - Einführung in Ruby on Rails anhand eines Foto-CMS
    RailsWay 01/2009, Thomas Baustert
  • Hochgeschwindigkeitszug, Webentwicklung mit Ruby on Rails
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  • Stand der Dinge -- 3 Jahre Rails
    iX Magazin, Ausgabe 11/2007, Thomas Baustert, Ralf Wirdemann
  • Capistrano 2.0
    iX Magazin, Ausgabe 11/2007, Ralf Wirdemann, Thomas Baustert
  • Gib mir den REST
    Entwickler-Magazin 5/2007, Thomas Baustert, Ralf Wirdemann
  • Über die Testfahrt hinaus -- Der Betrieb von Rails-Applikationen, Ausgabe 12/2006, Ralf Wirdemann, Thomas Baustert
  • Unproduktiv war gestern -- Einführung und Überblick in die Webentwicklung mit Ruby on Rails
    Entwickler Magazin, Ausgabe 05/2006, Thomas Baustert, Ralf Wirdemann
  • Ruby on Rails goes Business, Ausgabe 8 (24.04.2006), Ralf Wirdemann, Thomas Baustert
  • Ruby on Rails - Alternative zur Web-Entwicklung mit Java?
    JavaSpektrum, Ausgabe 07/2006, Ralf Wirdemann, Thomas Baustert
  • Ruby Plug-in
    Eclipse Magazin, Volume 5, 2005, Thomas Baustert, Ralf Wirdemann
  • Mock-Objekte - Alternative mit AOP
    JavaSpektrum, Ausgabe 06/2005 Thomas Baustert, Ralf Wirdemann
  • Hochgeschwindigkeitszug
    c't Computer Magazin, Ausgabe 21/2005, Ralf Wirdemann, Thomas Baustert
  • Ruby on Rails
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  • Sonnenbahn (Rails Artikel)
    iX Magazin, Ausgabe 9/05, Ralf Wirdemann
  • Ein Blick in den Kaffeesatz, Ausgabe 9/05, Thomas Baustert, Ralf Wirdemann
  • Aspektorientierte Programmierung mit AspectJ
    Eclipse Magazin, Ausgabe 3, Mai 2005, Thomas Baustert


  • Ruby on Rails Days - Grundlegenden Konzepte, Jax 2008
  • Ajax in Action 2006, Ajax Support in Ruby on Rails
  • Tutorial: Ruby on Rails, GUUG FFG 2006
  • Web 2.0 mit Ruby on Rails (with Ralf Wirdemann), OOP 2006
  • Ruby on Rails (with Ralf Wirdemann), Lehmanns 2006
  • TDD mit Ruby on Rails, XP Days 2005
  • Ruby on Rails: Alternative zur Web Entwicklung mit Java (with Ralf Wirdemann), Java Forum Stuttgart 2005
  • Aspektorientierte Programmierung mit dem AJDT Plug-in, iX-Konferenz 2004.1

Conference Organizer

  • Founder and organizer of the german Rails-Konferenz in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.